Friday, April 22, 2016

Bookish Craft of the Month {HARRY POTTER 9 3/4 HOGWARTS EXPRESS SIGN}

Bookish Craft of the Month {HARRY POTTER 9 3/4 HOGWARTS EXPRESS SIGN}

Hello, everybody!!! There has been a little change on Bookish Crafts. I had originally planned to do this every Friday (Bookish Crafts Fridays). But, it was getting to difficult to put a new craft up every week especially since I had school and other things to do. So I decided to switch it to a monthly thing I do! Hope you enjoy!

I decided for the month of April to do the Harry Potter 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express Sign. Around a month ago, I finally finished the last couple books in the series and I freaking loved it! I already want to reread the series and dive back into the wizarding world.
Here are the Materials that I used:
~ Gold Glitter
~ 1 White Canvas
~Paint Brushes
~Black, White, and Yellow Paint

STEP 1: Take out your canvas and your bowl. Place the bowl in the middle of your canvas to make a perfect circle!

STEP 2: There is multiple ways you can do this but I decided to just draw them myself on the canvas. You can use stencils, etc. I drew the outline of the 9 3/4's part.

STEP 3: Next, I went ahead and painted the insides of the 9 3/4 with black paint.
STEP 4: Totally optional. I'm not the best painter and I went over the lines a bit so, I cleaned up the edges with white paint.

STEP 5: This can also be optional. I then wrote out the letters, "Hogwarts Express" near the bottom. You can use stencils.

STEP 6: When I was sending these photos to my laptop, I somehow managed to not send all of them. By the time I figured out that I didn't have all of them, I had already deleted them from my phone. *face palm* But this is when I painted in the letters with yellow paint.

STEP 7: I didn't have red paint, so I used black instead. Paint the what is left of the background.
STEP 8: Totally optional also! I wanted to make it seem more magical so I put gold glitter all over it.  The pictures I took don't show it well, but in person it's pretty freaking awesome... just saying. ;D

Here are the final results!

That's it for this Bookish Craft of the Month, If you have any questions tell me down in the comments below! Any suggestions on what I should make next? Anything Harry Potter related craft you want me to try next? Please tell me down in the comments!!

Thanks for reading!

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