Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guess the Book! {1st Edition}

Guess the Book {1st Edition}
Hello, everyone! This is a new kind of weekly post I created where I give a few hints on a random book of my choice for you all to try to find out. If you have a guess then leave it down in the comments. I will leave this open until next Tuesday which is when I will post my 2nd edition of Guess the Book. So, you have until then to leave a comment! I will reveal what book I was hinting at on this post. I will list the rules below after the hints!  Hope you enjoy and good luck!
This is a young adult, historical fiction novel. It was released this year.
This book is in the perspective of four different people from different backgrounds who's paths end up intersecting.
This takes place in the midst of World War II...

The ending of the book involved a real life tragedy that involves a ship sinking.

Have any ideas? Then, comment down below with your answer!!

Here are the rules for participating!

1.You are only allowed to guess once!
That's literally it. Thanks for stopping by!
Good luck!!

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