Friday, April 29, 2016

Guess the Book! {2nd Edition}

Guess the Book! {2nd Edition}
Hello, everyone!! Hope you all are having an awesome week so far! Last week I started this post where I give a couple hints at a random book of my choice for you all to guess at. Let's dive right in!!

Okay now for the big reveal of last weeks book!
Are you ready?
It was....
Salt to the Sea
Salt to the Sea By Ruta Sepetys!
If you got it right, GREAT JOB!

Here is this weeks book hints!

This is a classic novel!!

It is set in a fantasy world that includes dwarfs, some freaking awesome elfs, shapeshifters, wizards, and so much more!!
It is a spinoff of a very popular trilogy!

It was even adapted into three movies...
"I'm going on an adventure!"

Have an idea? Answer down in the comments!

Here are the rules for participating!

1.You are only allowed to guess once!
That's literally it. Thanks for stopping by!
Good luck!