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Top Ten Tuesday #5 {TOP 10 SONGS I WISH WERE BOOKS}

Top Ten Tuesday #5
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Hello, everybody! It's Tuesday. and that means that it's time for another Top Ten Tuesday!! This week is all about music and books. This week is picking 10 songs that you wish were books. A couple of weeks ago when I saw this on the list I was so freaking excited. I literally could not wait to do this one! However, I was not so looking through the abundant amount of songs on my phone. XP I had the strongest urge to just put all of Taylor Swifts songs on here (they would make really interesting books) but, I fought the urge and just listed two of them.  ;D Here we go!


10. Wildest Dreams By Taylor Swift

9.Blank Space By Taylor Swift

8. I Hate Everything About You By Three Days Grace

7.Chasing Cars By Snow Patrol

         I think if this would be converted into a book, it could be a really good contemporary. The song is about insecure teenagers being in love. It's about fearing to tell the one you love, I love you and about letting your insecurities get in the way of your feelings.

6. How to Save a Life By The Fray

This song is literally about saving a life. The inspiration for this song came from Issac (lead singer) when he went to a camp to be a mentor for troubled teens. He was paired up with this kid who was going through a lot of issues. He didn't have much support from his friends and family. He was really depressed about the things that were going on in his life and was cutting and taking drugs. The song could have a lot of different meanings.

5. Somewhere in Neverland By Neverland
        I know that this song isn't exactly about Peter Pan, but I just want some books with some Peter Pan retellings!!

   4. 지못미 (Apology) By iKON
         I kind of have a hard time about explaining this song. It is about a guy and a girl who were dating. He kind of ignores her, doesn't spend time with her, etc. Once the relationship is over he realizes how terrible he had been and he's extremely sorry. During the song, he remembers all the times they spent together, how he ignored her, and how he is sorry. He wishes the best for her and is sorry for not protecting her. I don't know exactly why I would like to see this as a book. I just think I would make a pretty darn interesting book. I always see books about love and happy endings, but this is the opposite and I kind of want to see that in a book.

3.꽃잎놀이 (Blossom Tears) By Leo (VIXX) and Lyn
      Okay, this song is kind of crazy and I'm kind of wanting the music video of the song to be turned into a book. This song mv follows a guy who is possibly a tailor who makes dresses. He is currently making a dress for his girlfriend. He keeps having flashbacks to a past relationship that did not go well at all. She ended up taking her things and leaving him. He is kind of scarred because of  that. He never wants that to happen again/  not to really get that close to someone again. He kind of turns psychotic because of it. He refuses to get to close to his girlfriend or taking it to the next level. He fears that if he gets close to her too, she will also leave him. Yada, Yada the song continues and he gets closer and closer to finishing her dress. One day, he has a dream of his ex leaving him. When he wakes up, he goes ballistic and starts tearing up their home. His girlfriend comes rushing in and stops him. He decides he will stop that from happening again, and kills her and preserves her body and organs. In the end shows her body looking like a mannequin and she is in the finished dress. I know this is freaking creepy and disturbing but, it would definitely make a interesting read.

2. Remembering Sunday By All Time Low

This song is everything. It's about this guy who loved this girl. Apparently there were some problems in the relationship, etc. Yet, they still love each other. One day she goes missing, and the song follows this guy trying to find her and what he did to find her. It ends up that she died (possibly from suicide, I'm not sure). I would LOVE LOVE to see this song as a book.

1. Terrible Things By Mayday Parade
              This song is so freaking emotional! This song is about a father telling his son about how he met his mother and  how their love came to be. They were young and deeply in love. He asks to marry her and she tells him that she is dying and she only has weeks to live. The father is telling his son to not be in love or fall in love because he would hate to see the same to happen to him. He doesn't want him to go through the pain that he did. It would be freaking phenomenal if it was converted into a book! I would buy it in a heartbeat.

        This is it for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday! What did you think of my choices? Tell me down in the comments! Also, share with me your Top Ten Tuesday, or some songs that you would think would make pretty good books!

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Hope to see you next week!

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  1. Your list is so good!! I considered putting some k-pop songs on my list too but I was too lazy to research all the English translations to find a good one lol. The Blossom Tears music video is SO creepy and weird! I think the girl in the MV looks like Ilhoon from BtoB and that always makes me laugh.

    I thought about putting Terrible Things on my list, but I never read books that have a main character death, so while it would absolutely make a great book, it probably wouldn't be a book I'd read!

    Here's my TTT.

  2. Thank you so much!! ;D Oh my gosh, I know right!! It is extremely creepy! Lol, the girl does kind of look like Ilhoon!! Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Great list! I always loved the song Terrible Things even though it was so heartbreaking.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  4. You have some really great songs on your list!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/top-ten-tuesday-44/