Friday, February 26, 2016

Bookish Crafts Fridays {TBR Jar}

Bookish Crafts Fridays {TBR Jar}
Hello, everybody! Welcome to Bookish Crafts Fridays! This is a weekly post that I created! Every Friday I will post a step by step tutorial on some kind of  easy craft that is book related! This week I decided to show you all how to make a TBR JAR! I know that pretty much everybody knows how to make a TBR Jar but, I have been wanting to make one for a while now, and thought you would like to see how I made mine! I went for a simple but cute look. :D

~Different Colored Paper
~White Nail Polish
~Glue Gun
~Pen and white color pencil
~Black Alphabet Stickers
~Color Coding Labels (circles)
~Self Adhesive Hole Reinforcements

STEPS 1 & 2
STEP 1: Firs I picked the font stickers that I wanted to put on my jar. I wrote out "TBR Jar" on the front with them
STEP 2: Since the jar I chosen to use once war a peach jar (it has the peach label on the lid), I decided to take a polka-dot paper, cut in the shape of the lid, and hot glue it on top of it.

STEPS 3 & 4
STEP 3: Cut it out and hot glue it on. This is what mines looks like at the moment.
STEP 4: Next I want to put polka dots on the exterior of the jar. It is pretty much impossible for me to make a ton of perfect circles by myself so, I used Self Adhesive Hole Reinforcements.

STEPS 5 & 6
STEP 5: I placed them in the pattern that I wanted on the jar.
STEP 6: I used white nail polish instead of paint. The first trial I did with this failed miserably when I did it with paint. However, when I did it with the paint, it worked so much better! Make sure it is dry before you peel off and I recommend two coats!

STEP 7: This is what it looks like now. Now this is where I get out my pieces of paper, writing utensils, and scissors. Cut of the pieces of paper in little rectangles.

 STEP 8: This is where I get my list of some of my books in my TBR and write them down on pieces of paper.

STEP 9 & 10

STEP 9: I folded the papers in half and to hold them together, I used circle labels.
STEP 10: Throw them in!!

That's it!!!

Thanks so much for reading!
Hope you enjoyed this Bookish Craft Friday!

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