Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #18 {5 Reasons I LOVE Doctor Who!!}

Top Ten Tuesday #18
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Hello, everybody! I hope you all have had a great week so far! It's Tuesday so, that means that it's time for another Top Ten Tuesday! This week is all about Ten Reasons I Love ...(fill in blank). For this week, we could decide on a book, character, TV show, or really anything we would like. This week I decided to venture a little away from books this week for Top Ten Tuesday and decided to go with:  5 Reasons I LOVE Doctor Who!! Doctor Who is my favorite TV show and there are so many reasons why I love this show, but here are just 5 reasons why I love it! Sorry in advance for the large amount of gifs used in this post... I got really excited and went overboard. :3 Anyways, let's dive right in!! ;D These are in no particular order!

5 Reasons I LOVE Doctor Who!!

5. The Plot, of course! ;D

4. Scary, yet awesome, villains!
Doctor Who has some seriously amazing villains and creatures like the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, the Silence, etc. My mind continues to be blown as more and more villains and creatures are introduced to the show.


3. The Companions!
The Doctor's Companions play a huge part in the Doctor's life and I love every single one of them!
My top favorite companions would be Rose, Donna, and Rory. :)
2. Of course, the Time Travel!!
I absolutely love the Time Travel in this show and we get to see into the future and the past! My favorite episodes are when the Doctor and whoever may be his companion go back in time! ;)
1. David freaking Tennant aka Ten!
Obviously, 10 is my favorite Doctor and is probably the reason I got so into Doctor Who. It was absolutely heartbreaking to me when he left the show. I think I am still in mourning...
Like come on! How...


You not...


This Man?!?!

Anyways, that's it for this Top Ten Tuesday! Do you watch Doctor Who? Tell me in the comments what are some of your favorite aspects of the show, favorite Doctor, companion, Villain, etc.? Share with me you Top Ten Tuesdays!!

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Hope to see you next week!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I haven't watch much of Doctor Who. I've seen like 3 or 4 episodes. But I do plan to watch it at some point. (Though they did take it off of Netflix streaming) I have heard great things about this show from friends and the online community. These are excellent reasons to love the show and make me really excited for when I do get to finally watch it all. Great post! :D

  2. UGGGGGGH Doctor Who! I cannot believe we have to wait until NEXT. YEAR! for the new season! That's just, like... SO freaking far away! Blech. Great topic, though! Tennant is one of my favorites, as well--followed closely by Matt Smith. :D

    Thank you for sharing! Here's my Top Ten Tuesday, if you're interested. Happy book-ing!

    1. I know right!! I can't wait for it. I'm ready to watch more Doctor Who! ;D Thanks! Thanks for reading and stopping by!!

  3. OMG I hated those stupid stone angel things that crept up on you when you blinked. That episode totally freaked me out! I never watched it much when DT was playing the doctor, I was more of a Matt Smith fan. Haven't watched it since they've got the new older guy. I don't like him as the doctor so just don't watch it anymore.

  4. Yes all around! I didn't start watching until Matt Smith came along, it was during my British television phase, (which really was only a phase because at the time I was finding such cool shows that don't exist any more) but I can't get enough of it.

  5. I've only seen a few episodes, but I enjoyed them. I am considering trying out the audiobooks.

    My TTT list

  6. Those Angels scared the crap out of me...I sat through that David Tennant episode trying not to blink! I felt a bit daft afterwards....Love the Cybermen and the Daleks too. I grew up with Tom Baker as the Doctor but David Tennant was my favourite. I stopped watching when Catherine Tate became the assistant as I can't stand her and I've never got back to it though I have all the recent series recorded.