Friday, June 10, 2016

Guess the Book! {6th Edition}

Guess the Book! {6th Edition}
Hello, everyone!! Hope you all are having an awesome week so far! Recently, I just started this post where I give a couple hints at a random book of my choice for you all to guess at. Let's dive right in and hope you enjoy!! Also, sorry for not posting this

Click here to see last weeks post!

Okay now for the big reveal of last weeks book!
Are you ready?

It was...
Unhooked by Lisa Maxwell

If you got it right, GREAT JOB!

Here is this week's hints!

This is a young adult, contemporary novel that was released last year!
Here is a part of the cover.

The Title (fill in the blanks)!

E _ _ R Y _ H _ _ G  (space)  _ V E _ Y T _ _ N _

This is a story of a girl who is literally allergic to the world. She lives her days in her house, and her only friends is her mom and her nurse. One day, a family moves next door and it all goes down hill from there...

Have an idea? Answer down in the comments!
Thanks so much for reading!

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