Thursday, June 9, 2016

PROMO POST: To Trust a Wolf by Danielle Hardgrave {Excerpt}

PROMO POST: To Trust a Wolf by Danielle Hardgrave {Excerpt}

30347162Publisher: Caldwell Publishing
Pages:  125 pages
Release Date:  June 3, 2016

As an archivist in a small museum, the biggest thing Helen Jurist has to deal with each year is the Annual Donor Gala. When her museum becomes a flurry of activity, due to the nearby discovery of a large Viking hoard, Helen finds the additional responsibility more of a pain than an honour. She doesn’t know anything about Vikings, or what makes the hoard so unusual. She just wants to get through the gala without her boss catching the drapes on fire.

Nobody from the public is supposed to have access to the find, but try telling that to Rune Helsen. A handsome Dane with wolfish desires. He walks around like he owns the place. He’s Helen’s worst nightmare—if only her traitorous body wasn’t so attracted to him.

But Rune has a secret, one that brought him to see the artifacts for more than just scholarly interest. Unknown to Helen, there’s so much more at stake than just pulling off a successful evening. A whole world she never knew existed, a world of vampires and shifters, stands on the precipice—and there’s something in the Cutler Hoard that could burn it all down.

About the author:
With Danielle Hardgrave’s passion for storytelling and tendency to daydream, it’s a surprise that it wasn’t until 2015 that she became a freelance ghostwriter. Since then, she has garnered great success and a dedicated client base—but is now ready to see her name in ink. She was born and raised in Victoria, BC. When not writing, Danielle’s usually annoying her roommate or trying to figure out how to play tennis/box/longboard/whatever else she’s picked up that week.

Caldwell Publishing is the combined result of two sets of talent and one dream. Their brand incorporates the business model of an online publishing company, but offers the personality and passion of real authors. Caldwell Publishing also celebrates self-published authors, and strives to connect them with resources to aid in their own success.


He placed the bracelet back on its cloth gently and began sliding the gloves off of his large hands. I removed mine as well, and indicated for him to exit in front of me. I still didn’t trust his intentions.
“Will you be staying in Alexandria long?” I asked on the way back up.
“Back to the small talk, are we?” he shot back with amusement.
“Simply taking an interest in our newest donor.”
“I haven’t decided,” he said, holding out the door at the top of the stairs for me. As I brushed past him in the narrow doorway, he added, “Would you like me to?”
I nearly tripped, but managed to steady myself at the last second. I turned to look at him, making sure that I had heard him correctly. His fierce gaze told me all I needed to know. It was all I could do not to get lost in the promise of lust those dark eyes held.
“I have no opinion on the matter,” I replied, trying not to let a blush creep into my cheeks.
“What’s your opinion on dinner?”

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